ITSM Success Stories in Higher Education

Introducing two remarkable case studies that will revolutionize the way universities operate and enhance student experiences!

1️⃣ University of Milan: Experience the power of SMAX with Universal Discovery and UCMDB support! This cutting-edge solution enables the university to achieve SLA compliance and take user satisfaction to new heights. With a self-service portal and a single point of contact, students can now effortlessly access the resources they need, ensuring a seamless experience throughout their academic journey.

2️⃣ University of Pretoria: Embrace the future of student support with AI-powered service desk and automation!  This ground-breaking approach guarantees unparalleled student experiences, even in times of crisis. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the university has revolutionized its service delivery, ensuring business continuity and uninterrupted support when it’s needed the most.

Don’t miss out on these incredible case studies that showcase the forefront of innovation in higher education!  Download now and discover the game-changing solutions that will shape the future of universities.


19th June 2023

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