With you from beginning to end

At WM Promus, we have a team dedicated to IT and business process project management and implementation. Our clients have achieved better business outcomes across their enterprises by utilising our experience with IT strategy, design and implementation. One of the characteristics that differentiates us from our competitors is that we offer a suite of services that enables us to be with you ‘from the beginning to the end’.

Our business analysts work with you to determine what technical solution and processes best match your business goal. They translate their analysis into working documents that record agreed processes and requirements.

Our technical experts install, build, configure and, if necessary, customise a technical solution that meets your needs.

Our project managers make sure that throughout the project lifecycle, we stay on target – within budget, on time and meeting all stakeholder requirements.

Benefits to your business

WM Promus’ Quality Management processes ensure that all deliveries meet exacting standards, providing clients the following benefits:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Quality Processes
  • Access to a diverse pool of Skilled Professionals
  • Shortened Lead Times for Project Start-Ups
  • On Time Deliveries within Budgeted Costs
  • Work delivered to committed service levels
  • Access to Senior Management for Project Issues
  • Extensive Experience of working with other Fortune 500 clients in various domains

Rapid Implementation Methodology (RIM)

Our Rapid implementation methodology is developed from our extensive experience with 100’s of successful deployments of all sizes in different organisations, both public and private sector.

  • Project Initiation – What is the vision? Establish the project scope & plan
  • Assessment/Discovery – Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How do we get there?
  • Blueprint – Where do we want to be, and How do we get there? Process workshops with Process documentation to produce a final design Blueprint
  • Deploy – Build the solution based on the Design Blueprint
  • Testing – Prepare for Go-Live
  • Roll out/Training – Transition into Live operation
  • CSI – Reassessment  – Did we get there? How do we keep the momentum going?

Our world-class, proven methodology balances both traditional and rapid implementation approaches to achieve lower risk, quicker deployments at lower total costs and higher value to the business.