There’s a Better Way to Run IT Operations.

Multiple tools. Multiple devices. Multiple locations. Managing IT operations is increasingly complex—and fragmented. Get a handle on how to bridge the gap and simplify, unify, and automate IT ops.


Infrastructure and Application Monitoring

Adapt to changes and issues using industry leading runbook automation, best practice based guidance with exploration map and deep operator engagement with gaming techniques.

A Single Unified View.

What is required is a single unified view of your IT environment and the ability to automate the execution of analytics such as the correlation of events and performance data with topology from end to end and top to bottom.  No need to rip and replace, you can utilize your existing tools and merge their information into a single platform that provides a unified view of your IT world. This enables you to focus on the events that matter, gaining time through automated discovery, monitoring and remediation.


Operations Bridge

Micro Focus Operations Bridge (OpsBridge) monitors your IT environment and consolidates data from
existing tools. It applies automated discovery, monitoring, analytics, and remediation to data across traditional,
private, public, and multi-cloud and container-based infrastructure. It exploits Automated AIOps machine
learning and analytics for event reduction and accelerated root cause identification and then executes
automated remediation. Executive stakeholders gain actionable insight on their mobile devices with tailored
dashboards showing key status, business and IT KPis.