IT Service Management

ITSM is not just about technology. It’s about providing a service and building customer relationships. We know this at WM Promus and that’s why we offer a comprehensive and fully integrated IT Service Management software solution that enables IT to improve service levels, balance resources, control costs, and mitigate risk exposure to the organisation. The solution incorporates ITIL v3 best practices, offers a highly scalable service-oriented architecture, and includes bidirectional application interfaces that let you deploy consistent, integrated processes throughout your IT organisation.

IT Asset Management

Caught between cost and compliance, service level and outsourcers, IT organisations struggle to fully explain the value they provide to the business. To solve this problem, the IT Group must take a step back and fully evaluate their asset management practices, and make a deliberate effort to evolve those practices to deliver a predictable and valued level of service. Specifically, IT asset management can address some of IT’s main challenges including cost optimization, business alignment and risk mitigation. WM Promus can help you address these challenges.


Service Management Automation X (SMAX)

Microfocus SMAX is a machine learning based service desk delivered on-premise or cloud. It harnesses big data to accelerate service delivery, improve user experience, and lower service desk costs. SMAX is a multi-tenant offering, spanning the full spectrum of IT Service Management (ITSM) modules.

Asset Manager

Micro Focus Asset Manager, a software solution for asset management, can
help to explain your IT organization’s value to the business. The offering reduces costs of IT operations and drives business decisions by managing the physical, virtual, financial, and contractual aspects of IT assets.


ServiceNow makes work, work better for people.

Everyone deserves great experiences at work. Now routine tasks happen in a snap, and complex projects flow smoothly. With the Now Platform, anyone can work effortlessly across teams, silos, and systems. When people work better, business works better.

Work effortlessly and innovate freely across teams, silos, and systems. By digitising your business processes, you can intelligently automate tasks and workflows that integrate systems, people, and data across the enterprise. The Now Platform supports ServiceNow solutions using a single data model. And its easy‑to‑use development environment enables business users to build low‑code solutions while empowering experienced developers with new and innovative rapid development capabilities.


Modern workplaces are dependent on technology, data, and processes—workers need access to information and support to do their jobs. As the number of systems has grown and the ability to connect them has become more complex, services become fragmented, resulting in failed service experiences.

Optimise your ability to deliver services more efficiently, reduce demand on operators, and manage processes, workflows and service experiences. Cherwell improves service delivery across the entire organisation