VMware’s new licensing model: what’s the alternative?

Following Broadcom’s acquisition of VMWare on 22 November 2023, Broadcom has officially ceased the sale of perpetual licenses for VMware products and transitioned to a subscription model. Although Broadcom state that this is a way to simplify its portfolio, the significant changes to licensing and pricing models are creating huge headaches for some organisations. Many have raised concerns about the increased long-term costs with some saying the move threatens their very existence.  What are the options? Is there an alternative path to VMWare? What can you do?

VMware Alternative 1

Exploring alternative solutions

Rest assured, there are alternatives to fulfil your virtualization and cloud computing needs.

1/ Red Hat OpenShift

Offering on-premises or cloud deployment options, Red Hat OpenShift presents a compelling alternative to VMware. Notably, it diverges from traditional VMs in containers, providing a fresh approach to virtualization. With a remarkable 98% feature compatibility with vSphere, it promises a seamless transition for existing VMware users while modernizing IT infrastructure.

2/ Nutanix

Combining Nutanix’s hyper-converged infrastructure with OpenShift, this solution offers a robust alternative to VMware. Nutanix’s comprehensive suite of tools coupled with OpenShift’s containerized platform empowers businesses to optimize performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

3/ Dell APEX OCP

Dell’s APEX OCP (On-demand Consumption-based Pricing) introduces a flexible and cost-efficient solution for businesses seeking to move away from VMware. With Dell’s compensation structure incentivizing adoption, particularly when OCP is included, businesses can leverage this offering to drive down costs and embrace a more agile operational model.

4/ There are others !! Maybe you are already looking at solutions like Citrix Hypervisor or Microsoft Hyper-V. Whatever stage you are at, it’s worth discussing your options with an expert.

You’re not alone

Like many of our clients, you may be wondering what this means for your organisation. How will the changes in licensing and pricing impact your strategy, your finances and your operations? You may be looking at significant increases in infrastructure costs. You may want to move but where to and what next. Navigating the complexities of transitioning away from VMware can feel daunting. You don’t have to handle every step internally. We’re here to help.

VMware Alternative 2

Next steps and resources

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to impede progress. Regardless of what stage you are at, contact WM Promus for a free consultation. In collaboration with you, we assess your current VMWare position, your modernisation strategy, your financial budgets and provide recommendations that chart a course for success. Schedule a free consultation now for more information.

Eileen O’Mahony
General Manager, WM Promus

11th April 2024


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