Does IT Service Management Need to Change?

IT organizations face huge challenges. Still dealing with the massive consequences of the global pandemic, they’re about to be hit by the next driving force—economic recession. It’s hanging out right around the corner, threatening to put IT costs front and center again.

ITSM plays a crucial role in the success of most enterprises, especially the post pandemic.  It has become part of the strategic solution stack for businesses relying heavily on IT to deliver services to customers, partners, and employees.  But why does IT service management need to transform and what needs to change?

New ITSM thinking and innovations across people, processes and technology are essential.  By reading this article, you can find some insights for the next generation of ITSM.   Contact us for a free consultation about using future-ready technology like Micro Focus SMAX to ensure you’re prepared for what’s around the corner – coping with less resources and answering to an ever-tightening budget whilst delivering advanced ITSM.

Sources: Micro Focus Community


6th December 2022


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