Automation for universities

Doing a task more than twice?  Then, automate it.

How can you simplify and reduce workloads whilst improving overall efficiency and productivity? Universities are implementing Robotic Process Automation – RPA – for a range of internal processes. Through RPA, universities are modernising administrative operations and streamlining services whilst avoiding the disruption and cost of implementing new core systems.

WM Promus have gone one step further with DigiAssist. DigiAssist is an RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) solution that offers the benefits of RPA – digital workers on demand, improved efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced accuracy, timeliness, 24/7 availability,  operational flexibility and data confidentiality – with the additional benefits of SaaS – lower running costs, reduced time to ROI, increased scalability and ease of use.

Use Cases and Success Stories

Whether the tasks are back-office, student-facing or a hybrid of these, DigiAssist delivers transformation. The brochure describes a whole range of use cases.  Here’s some of what’s possible-

  • Automated onboarding process ensuring accuracy across HR systems, IT systems and academic staffing rotas and reducing manual effort by 85%
  • Automated recruitment administration task from advert posting to role fulfilment
  • Automated admissions process to deliver 200% increased productivity
  • Automated facilities-booking process freeing up staff to spend more time on events management
  • Automated invoice processing ensuring 100% accuracy and 56% reduction in manual hours
  • Automated payroll analysis to aid auditing and financial planning

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23rd July 2021


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