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Puppet Health Check DevOps will provide a documented evidence-based assessment of:

  • How aligned your Puppet deployment is with your business and IT goals and objectives
  • Whether or not your Puppet setup is operating efficiently
  • Does your Puppet environment allow for future growth and expansion?
  • Are you conforming with industry best practice and methodology?
  • Do you optimize use of available capabilities and futures?

Your WM Promus health check report will provide recommendations as to how to continually deliver improvements and propose next steps to ensure that you maximise return on your Puppet resources.

Our WM Promus Puppet-accredited engineers work with your team to ensure that all aspects of your Puppet Health Check DevOps solution are analysed; technical, resourcing and business-goal related aspects. We adopt a modular approach to the rigorous assessment which delivers clearly defined recommendations, areas for improvement and next steps on a growth plan to success.


  • Alignment with IT and business goals
  • Future plans and capacity for growth
  • Upgrade schedule

Existing Environment

  • Low-level Design
  • Production Puppet-automated deployments
  • Pre-Production Puppet code
  • Integrations to Puppet
  • Development and testing
  • Technical practices and agreed internal standard practice
  • Application monitoring
  • Maintenance and support

Continuous flow

  • DevOps lifecycle workflows
  • Build and release process
  • Frequency of code deployment
  • Process bottlenecks (automated / manual)


  • Resources aligned to DevOps code and projects
  • Available skills sets and existing gaps


  • Stakeholder involvement
  • DevOps team’s vision & strategy for Puppet
  • Awareness within wider client’s community of DevOps
  • Business and technical challenges
  • Activities compared to industry good practices
  • Improvement culture – embedded technical debt management
  • Visibility of evidence-based improvements to stakeholders
6th April 2021

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