How we improved customer service with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We know about customer service. We know that keeping our clients happy means doing everything in our power to efficiently and accurately serve them. If we make mistakes, it wastes their time. If we are slow to respond, it wastes their time. Their time is money. We get that. So we’re always looking at ways to improve. A few years ago, we hit on an obvious one. Use RPA to do the repetitive stuff! Why have our employees manipulate data when a bot could do it much faster and with more accuracy. Our clients don’t need a human to create invoices, process POs, send emails that acknowledge contact, or download, search and sort data. Clients don’t care if a bot does those tasks; they just want their issues resolved quickly without mistakes.

Amongst the many services we offer is solutions monitoring and management. It can involve a lot of simple but time-consuming diagnostics of logs. Bots are a huge help. Bots plough through data with a speed and accuracy that our employees could never achieve. Also, they can work at any hour with no breaks. Once the details are extracted from the diagnostics, our employees take over. It’s our employees who make the decisions but it’s the bots who filter through data to compile the facts upon which the decision making is based. Working together, the bots and our employees deliver end results more efficiently to our clients.

The bots do what they do best – work continuously at 100% capacity 24 hours a day tackling repetitive data-laden tasks. Our employees focus on what they do best – collaboration, creativity and judgment. Being freed from dull, boring, repetitive work makes our employees happy. The improved service makes our clients happy. Happy clients! That’s what counts. Use RPA to make that happen.


5th March 2021


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