How does Puppet Enterprise drive time to value?

Ease of use The Puppet Enterprise GUI provides better ways to manage your infrastructure with far more visibility and control, provides a single source of truth, and lets you leverage node groups. You can easily track changes across your infrastructure, create node groups for assigning Puppet code to them, and build a repository of all software installed on your systems.

Simplified installation You can install all PE infrastructure on a single node to get started. From here, you can scale up to a large or extra-large installation as your infrastructure grows, which lets you plan how you want to grow your Puppet infrastructure.

Upgrades Get access to the latest PE features with simplified upgrades. Upgrades are a core aspect of expanding the use cases of Puppet across your organization, helping you derive further value from the PE tooling.

Scale your scripts With PE Tasks & Plans, you can leverage content your organization already uses for ad hoc management of your infrastructure. Tasks & Plans allows you to scale the use of these scripts by implementing guardrails such as input validation and descriptions.

Complex orchestration PE Plans help you tie together tasks, scripts, commands, and plans (yes, plans in plans!) to create complex workflows with refined access controls.

Consistent management of infrastructure With the Orchestrator service, you can execute PE Tasks & Plans whenever you need them, without your team reinventing the wheel each time. Eliminate manual work, reduce human error and gain consistency and control of the management of your infrastructure from a centralized location.

Conduct efficient patch management PE Patch Management gives you a single, simplified automated patching workflow, directly from the PE console, eliminating tool sprawl and manual processes.

Maintain healthy hosts with a single interface You can ensure systems are healthy by using one simplified view and detailed reporting. Patches and updates can be applied on an ongoing basis with automated workflows that patch, update, and reboot systems on a scheduled basis.

Stay compliant and patch with confidence PE also lets you prove compliance and confirm systems are up-to-date with detailed reporting that gives you clear visibility into all systems and changes. Apply security patches across both Linux and Windows systems in a standardized manner.

All of these enable you to quickly experience time to value when you move to Puppet Enterprise. The automation, standardization, and centralized visibility immediately free your team to focus on the issues that truly move your business forward — giving your enterprise the support and confidence it needs to scale, speed up, and leverage market opportunities.

3rd September 2021


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