Get Started with DevOps: A Guide for IT Managers

Manage organizational change & measure impact

If you’re managing an IT team, you may be turning to DevOps as the path to faster delivery of software.

DevOps can help your team become more efficient — and your organization more competitive — but you’ll need to be able to communicate to your team why things are changing and how their usual working practices are likely to alter. In this guide we tease out the whys and how’s of DevOps as you work with your team and the approaches that make a DevOps initiative successful.

Download the guide to explore:

  • How to align DevOps with your organization’s goals.
  • What change might look like — for operations, development, and the organization at large.
  • Why security is a great icebreaker.
  • The importance of focusing on the team over individual DevOps specialists.
  • How to embrace agile ways of working, along with infrastructure as code, code review, continuous integration, and unit testing.

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24th February 2021


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