Fostering a Culture of Joint Accountability for IT, Security, and Compliance

This eBook examines the traditional silos that create a delta between IT and Security/Risk Management teams, and offers solutions to help these teams work together to meet increasingly stringent compliance and security requirements in order to reduce risk throughout the organization.

As pressure mounts around compliance regulations and security audits, you must ensure your business is not at risk. But how do you do this when your IT and Security/Risk Management teams operate in silos?

Learn how to foster a culture of joint accountability for compliance across your organization.

  • Build your “Better Way” taskforce with an easy checklist of 8 focus areas
  • Get the straight facts on security frameworks, internal policies and desired state
  • Find out why shared transparency policy as code matters
  • Understand the roles of IT Operations, Risk Manager, Information Security and Corporate Compliance to build a culture of joint accountability
  • How to take the next steps with Puppet Comply

Download the free eBook Fostering a Culture of Joint Accountability for IT, Security, and Compliance Across an Organization to reduce risk for your business and create a powerful taskforce.

16th February 2022


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