RPA as a Service DigiAssist: Automation for all businesses

RPA as a Service DigiAssist

From startup costs to implementation and maintenance, many small and mid-sized businesses assume that process automation is simply beyond their reach.

Meet DigiAssist, the new RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) platform from Robocorp partner WM Promus. DigiAssist can automate repetitive tasks for businesses of all sizes.

Built on Robocorp’s technology, DigiAssist brings the benefits of SaaS to automation—lower running costs, reduced time to ROI, increased scalability and ease of use.

Join WM Promus architect Mindaugas Mejeras and WM Promus General Manager Eileen O’Mahony in a discussion about digitizing SME operations and putting an end to inefficient manual processes.

They’ll be talking about:

  • How RPA is available to all organizations regardless of size
  • Processes that SMBs can and should automate
  • DigiAssist fulfilling WM Promus’ vision of RPAaaS
  • How to get started with automation
1st November 2021


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