DevOps for Executive Management


Enterprise DevOps adoption has been on the rise as organizations adapt to agile development trends and increasing digitization demands.

This new way of working requires more than development and operations technical process changes; successful enterprise DevOps requires cultural and organizational change.

Puppet and Computing Research surveyed approximately 150 technical decision makers at enterprise organizations across many verticals. The survey found only 36% of the companies had cross-functional DevOps teams fully established.

This report shares other key findings and examines factors holding companies back from fully adopting DevOps and how this negatively impacts a company’s overall digital transformation efforts.

Roadmap to fully implemented enterprise DevOps practices

Using the survey results, the authors share how non-technical team leaders’ behaviours and management practices negatively impact DevOps’ overall success and ways companies can overcome this obstacle.

Read the report to learn how these changes can accelerate DevOps across your organization.

  • Create agile budgets based on business value and move away from project-based funding.
  • Focus on developing your existing staff’s cloud-native skills rather than recruit contractors.
  • Develop cross-functional teams aligned with business value streams.

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9th February 2022


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