Case study: University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich is a public university located in London, in the United Kingdom.

By utilizing Puppet Enterprise, it was able to implement stronger DevOps practices, decrease the time it took to spin up new IT resources, and provide intuitive configuration management at scale for its teams.

University of Greenwich’s IT department was being slowed down by processes like manually building servers and manually maintaining them. The department needed to increase the speed and quality of application delivery in a reliable way; new applications and services as well as existing ones. They wanted this without adding additional costs for resources to manage all the environments. Puppet Enterprise was selected as the tool to fulfil University of Greenwich’s needs; to act as a unified infrastructure and application delivery automation tool. No longer is the IT department forced to give its full attention to manual tasks like building, configuring, testing, maintaining or decommissioning environments. Now the University can focus on tasks with higher business value.

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5th November 2019

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