Accelerating Continuous Compliance with Policy as Code

Most organizations’ approach to regulatory compliance is mainly reactive, with development, IT operations, and security teams conducting manual scans and fixes.

Policy as code, or the practice of applying software engineering principles to the development, deployment, and operation of infrastructure to automatically ensure and enforce ongoing regulatory compliance, helps companies break free from department silos and reactive processes.

Taking a policy as code and model-driven automation approach allows you to become proactive by focusing on predictability, efficiency, and scalability.

Explore how policy as code can give you a competitive advantage.

Gartner believes that simply introducing automatic compliance checks early in the DevOps process (also known as “shifting left”) can improve time to market by 20%.

Achieve continuous compliance with less overhead and manual work. Benefits include:

  • Eliminated development, IT operations, and security bottlenecks
  • Improved efficiency by removing friction from the customer value stream
  • A scalable foundation for the digital future

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18th November 2021


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