A new automation service that drives business sustainability and growth

We have launched a brand-new service, DigiAssist.  DigiAssist  is Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPAaaS)  – boosting operational efficiencies through automation of data-driven business processes without the need to invest in licenses or technology. A monthly subscription, based on your business requirements and bot usage, makes it ideal for organisations of any size.

DigiAssist offers the benefits of RPA – digital workers on demand, improved efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced accuracy, timeliness, 24/7 availability,  operational flexibility and data confidentiality – with the additional benefits of SaaS – lower running cost, reduced time to ROI, increased scalability and ease of use. Click and watch the video to learn a story about how DigiAssist transforms lives.  Call us now for more details.

7th October 2022


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