🌟 5 Surprising Benefits of Switching to Red Hat Enterprise Linux from CentOS Linux 🐧🔴

CentOS Linux 7 will reach its End of Life (EOL) on June 30, 2024. After June 2024, there will be no more security updates. If you’re running CentOS 7, what’s your plan? Before making any decisions, consider the following…

💰 Cost Savings: Studies by IDC have shown that organizations investing in Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions enjoy a whopping 573% higher return on investment compared to using a free, unsupported OS. Say goodbye to hidden costs!

🔄 Seamless Migration: Meet Convert2RHEL, the powerful migration tool! It streamlines the migration process, automatically determines the conversion path based on your CentOS Linux version, and expertly prepares your system for the switch. Plus, it replaces OS packages with Red Hat equivalents while preserving your customizations and preferences.

📊 Analytics and Automation: Boost efficiency and performance with Red Hat’s built-in analytics and automation tools. Leverage configuration and utilization data from your deployment to optimize operations. Rule-based analytical models provide valuable insights, and timely notifications flag potential configuration issues before they impact reliability and cause downtime.

🔒 Enhanced Security: Say goodbye to vulnerability risks! Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers automated and repeatable security controls to mitigate exposure. Enforce security configurations and policies effortlessly, streamlining your compliance strategy along the way.

🌐 Extensive Partner Ecosystem: Keep your preferred hardware, software, and cloud vendors close! Red Hat partners with over 5,000 certified third-party hardware vendors, 4,500 certified third-party software vendors, and 140+ certified cloud providers. Enjoy seamless integration with the ecosystem that suits your business needs.

Are you still struggling with the transition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux? Contact us for more details and let’s talk through your challenges.

Sources from: Red Hat

15th June 2023


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